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Nightlightning has & continues to develop a range of LED effect control boards for many varied applications.
From simple RGB sequencers, multi-channel programmable boards, & the supply of switch mode LED drivers.

Contact us for the design & illumination of your project.

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LED switch mode drivers. See the range switch mode LED drivers for adventure lighting & commercial LED illumination.
LED control boards.  From 3 channels to 100+ channels. Full pattern effect & LED control.
LED dimming. For residential, commercial or motor homes. We can supply high efficency dimmers for all LEDs.
LEDs. We stock a large range of LEDs from Cree & Philips Lumiled.
Optics. Select the right optic for your project.
Transformers, & heatsinks. We carry or can source a wide range of power supplies for all LED installations.
Signage.  For smart signs illuminated with LEDs.
E-bikes. Indicators, & lights, 
Strip LED. Supply & control of strip LED.
Retro light fitting.  We can fit LEDs in to your light fitting.
Sculptures & art. Nightlightning has illuminated many varied works & spaces. 

           Silostay, Little River, Canterbury   

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