Adventure lighting

Commercial LED lighting


Designed, engineered, & assembled right here in New Zealand.

MiniBlaast II

-Fitted with a triple Cree XM-L S2 LED array 
-High 2000ma capable drive current
-Low 50ma capable drive current
-User editable power & control settings
-Fuel level & battery protection
-Over temperature protection
-Flasher modes
-12.0V-18V operation
-Tilting helmet mount
-Spare parts & upgradeable over time
-Cost $289


The MiniBlaast II is the first choice for all mountain
biking or road cycling where high power and flexibility is important.
Chosen by champion multi-sporters from around the globe.
Fully featured & capable of long run times with the high efficiency switch mode driver.
Up to 2000 Lumens.

Over 35 hours on low power with the 14.8V 3400mAh Li-ion battery.


iBlaast EX-

-Cree triple XM-L power pack LED array
-Full 50ma-3000ma capable drive current
-Copper bonded heat-sink & over temp protection
-User editable power & control settings
-Fuel level & battery protection
-Flasher modes
-11.1V-18V operation
-Tilting helmet mount
-Cost $339


Full power is outrageous, but we give you the option to throttle back in the admin menu.
New Cree XM-L S2 LEDs will handle an incredible 3000ma, producing up to 3000 Lumens.

The high efficiency driver will provide this current with ease delivering an impressive light output.
This light represents a new level in output &  beam quality.
Good air flow is required for full power.

Use 3 cell li-ion packs right through to 5 cell 18V. We recommend a Li-ion 14.8V 6800mAh pack for run times of 3-70 hours.


-Cree XP-E LEDs
-The brightest rear light on the market
-Wide angle visibility
-Excellent for overcast daytime use
-Can be configured to work of the same battery as your    front light
-User editable power & control settings
-Fuel level & battery protection
-'On' & day/night flasher modes
-7.4V-18V operation
-Cost $179


Exceptional rear visibility, even in the daytime. 
Great for commuting or off road biking.
Built tough for long life. 

DIY lighting parts-

-LEDs,optics,barrels, caps, cables & mounts


If you wish to complete your adventure lighting project with a quality finish, contact us for details.
We can supply all the bits you require to make a high quality light.


-Premium Panasonic 14.8V 4 cell 3400mAh Li-ion pack
-Internal protection PCB
-Rubber dipped
-Cube or flat pack  configuration
-Cost $189


-Premium Panasonic 14.8V  8 cell 6800mAh Li-ion pack
-Internal protection PCB
-Rubber dipped
-Cube or 'end-on-end' pack  configuration
-Cost $279


-Li-ion battery packs made to your requirements using only premium quality cells. 


Assembled locally, dipped for weather protection & fitted with an anti-twist cable. These Li-ion packs set high standards in rechargeable battery packs.

If you are tired of cheap Chinese batteries & dependable packs are important for your adventure, look no further.


-14.8V 110V-230V 700ma wall charger
-Automatic operation
-Cost $59


-Multi-use portable in-car fast charger
-2, 3, 4 or 5 cell Li-ion/Li-po packs
-Up to 14 Ni-CD or Ni-MH cells
-2 - 12V lead-acid
-Delta V charging detection
-Microprocessor controlled
-Adjustable recharge rate. Up to 5A
-Ideal for weekends away
-Requires mains power supply 12-18V
-Cost $98




Handle bar mount-

-For use with the tilting mounts
-For all bar sizes
-Cost $24

Underseat bags-

-Suitable for holding batteries & cycle accessories
-Cost $39

Headband mounts-

--Fully adjustable
-Made from neoprene
-Cost $42


Lights have a full 5 year warranty. Return to us & we repair.
Batteries & chargers have a 6 month warranty.
Warranty does not include excessive input voltage, water ingress, or physical damage.

Future upgrades-
All Nightlightning LED light heads will have an upgrade path as LED technology improves. Check web site or email for upgrade options.